Some facilities may not have the right infrastructure and resources to safely store art. When choosing a company to work with, consider its location, staff, customer reviews, and special features (like climate control storage) as well as whether the facility has the ability to protect your art from theft and damage.

We give you the lowdown on five important things to look out for when you are deciding whether or not to build a storage facility for art.


Although many facilities offer storage units, not all are equipped to store artwork. Before you hire a company to store your artwork, make sure that art storage is included in their essential services. Ask them to explain any contingency plans they may have in order to avoid crises.

Insurance support

Insurance brokers are familiar with which art storage companies have been approved by insurance companies. Ask your broker whether insurance companies have vetted the storage facility that you are interested in. You are more likely to have problems in the future if you can confirm that. Ask your broker for recommendations on facilities that might be available.

Climate control and safety

The canvas of your paintings can be damaged by moisture. You should ensure that humidity control is installed in any place you store your artwork. Because art and antiques can be very expensive and high-end, the chances of theft are high. You should ensure that you have excellent security measures such as motion sensors, CCTV cameras, alarms, and motion sensors in the storage facility that you choose. You should have an adequate backup power supply to ensure security.


A professional staff with experience handling expensive and fragile artwork would be a great help. It is important that they are familiar with how to maintain and care for art for long-term storage. It is important that you trust the staff at the facility you choose. Ask the facility if they have conducted background checks on all of their staff and if they are confident in their abilities.


It is not a good idea to keep art in a place that is susceptible to natural disasters such as tornadoes or earthquakes. Even the most rigorous security measures can’t guarantee protection against natural disasters. To ensure your art is safest, find a storage facility in a calm and stable area. If you must choose a storage facility in troubled areas, inquire about their security measures to protect your art.

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