Selecting a Contract Sewing Partner is not an easy task, as we’ve discussed in our blog. There are many things to consider: consistent, open, and honest communication, access to products or fabrics, timely delivery of high-quality products, and other factors.

Many people prefer to manufacture their products abroad, despite the fact that there are more than 6,000 contract manufacturers. There are many differences between working with an overseas and domestic sewing contractor.

It can be difficult to find an overseas partner for sewing, especially if it is your first time. Referring to an overseas partner in contract manufacturing is the best way to find one. Referrals come from any source: online sources, people with the same profession, fabric manufacturers, domestic contract sewers, and even other professionals. It is always comforting to know that an overseas company has delivered quality work and worked well for another company before you decide to do business with them.

Cost is a major factor in choosing a Contract Manufacturing Partner. A partnership with an overseas manufacturer can result in labor costs that are up to 80% lower than if you work with a domestic partner. A large production run that is sourced from overseas can also be more expensive than one made in the United States.

Consider the following:

  • Quality Consistency: Both domestic and foreign manufacturers face the possibility of inconsistent quality due to the speed at which they produce, and the fact that the product has to pass through multiple sewers. However, many people still consider overseas production inferior. This could be because of a lack of labor laws or inflexibility in certain factories.
  • Property Protection Risk: Many countries have weaker intellectual property protection laws. This could pose a risk to your idea and business. Non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) may be less restrictive or non-existent.
  • Time: An overseas manufacturer will take longer to turn around your product. This means that you should plan for a longer time frame before your product arrives. This is not due to the distance but also because of complex customs and import procedures.
  • Communication can be difficult even with the support of a referral. Language barriers and time differences also make it difficult to communicate.

These costs can be even more costly for a business than paying slightly more to secure a domestic manufacturer’s contract.

These costs can almost always be avoided by working with a Domestic Sewing Contractor. “Made In the Canada” is more than a marketing slogan.

It’s synonymous with high-quality products. There are many property protection laws and NDAs you must follow to protect your designs and ideas as well as ensure confidentiality throughout the production process. A positive aspect is a fact that you can visit the production floor during product manufacturing. This is possible if your Manufacturing Partner is located on the same continent. This allows for quick turnaround and timely delivery.

Some people find the lower cost of an overseas manufacturer more appealing than the convenience of walking into a domestic contract sewist shop. It is not difficult to reach someone until you are in a different time zone or there is a crisis. We are a domestic contract manufacturer and we advocate for domestic production. However, we want to encourage knowledge of both sides so that you can make informed decisions.

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