Every business wants to make a great first impression. In some industries, such as restaurants and hospitality, it is crucial to their reputation and business.

The good decor is the best way to make your office stand out. Good furniture, beautiful art, plush furnishings, carpeting, and well-designed reception consoles are all guaranteed to attract admiration and compliments. You will be able to generate word-of-mouth recommendations by adding a friendly staff and helpful service.

Flooring and matting are essential components of good decor. When we speak of flooring and matting as a means to make good impressions, it is hard not to mention Indoor Entrance Mats (for commercial spaces).

Indoor commercial entrance mats can do more than one thing to exude professionalism. Entrance mats prevent dirt and other debris from entering your business premises. This is a big plus as they can make a huge impact on your reputation. Good entrance mats will make your life easier to escape? Collect? Hold, And Hide dirt and grime.

This keeps the matting and flooring inside clean. The second reason is that entrance mats absorb moisture from shoe soles so it doesn’t follow them inside. This can cause a mess on the floors and slip-and-fall dangers. Entrance mats are available in many different materials and designs, giving your premises an elegant and professional appearance. Fourth, you can have your entrance mats cut to size to meet your specific design needs. This adds sophistication and style.

Let’s quickly go over the different types of entrance mats that we have.

Custom-Cut Coco Mats

Coco entrance mats are made from 100% natural coconut fiber and have exceptional scraping power. Coir fibers are coarse and can trap dirt and moisture from shoe soles. This ensures that your premises remain clean and don’t become slippery.

Coco mats are made sustainably using coconut fiber. This is a huge plus considering the emphasis on eco-conscious manufacturing.

These mats have a warm, earthy, and elegant natural fiber appeal that is both chic and stylish. These coco mats are customizable in size and can be printed with your logo, message, or branding. These mats can be used as standard entrance mats or inside recessed wells at the entrance to your main door. You can also edge the mats when they are used in standalone applications.

Recessed Matting

Recessed well mats can hold matting at floor level, and eliminate potential tripping hazards in high-traffic entrances. These mats are particularly useful for entrances that see wheelchair traffic.

Recessed well mats are available in grid or roll-good formats. These mats are ideal for businesses who want a professional, high-end look at their entrance. These mats are ideal for banks, schools, hospitals, and casinos. These mats are available in both synthetic and coir materials.

Indoor Logo Mats

Indoor logo mats are used by businesses to display their branding at their entrance. They not only serve the purpose of protecting floors and cleaning up after a spill but also increase brand recall. You can also use custom logo mats to print directions and instructions or mark out areas for visitors to follow when they visit your premises. Logo mats can be made from synthetic or coir material and can be cut to your specifications.

Indoor Entrance Mats

Indoor mats can be used to stop dirt from entering your home. These mats are made to trap, conceal, and retain dirt and moisture from shoe soles. Indoor entrance mats made of absorbent nylon, polyamide, and polypropylene fibers can wick away and absorb moisture, keeping it off the floors, and preventing slip- and fall injuries.

As people enter the lobby, their highly absorbent fibers soak up moisture quickly from their soles. The mat’s backing prevents water from pooling on the surface and creating dangerous puddles.

Indoor entrance mats work best when used in conjunction with outdoor mats. Indoor-outdoor entrance mats are more effective when there is a need for intensive cleaning.

Indoor mats are available for every budget, whether you’re looking for something high-end or more economical. You can also order mats in custom sizes.

Fiber Indoor Rug Matting

Fiber Indoor Runner mats are made of nylon, coir, and polypropylene. They come in rolls. These mats can be used for entrance mats in non-standard doors and entrances. Because they are larger, owners can choose the size and shape of mat that best suits their design needs. These mats can also be used to cover large spaces like hallways, reception areas, and corridors. High-traffic areas like hospitals and hotels will require more than an entrance mat to collect all the dirt, dust, and moisture. These fiber commercial floor mats are versatile in size and have a heavy-duty profile.

Indoor runner mats made of fiber can be placed in a way that guides people around the building. This will reduce wear on the floors and help to prevent accidents. They can also reduce cleaning costs and prevent slip- and fall hazards.

There’s an entrance mat for you in every section of this collection.

Are you looking for the right mat for your business? We will help you to find the best solution.

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