How valuable is your commercial HVAC maintenance contractor to your company?

It is very different to source commercial HVAC maintenance services for multiple locations than for one location. You need more than just a vendor who is technically proficient and can show up on time, especially when managing 20-30 locations.

A company that works as your business partner will help you save time and money while helping you make better decisions.

Here are the ways to improve commercial HVAC maintenance at multiple locations

These are the things you should look for in a commercial HVAC maintenance company. They will provide additional value to your business and help reduce maintenance costs.

  1. Dedicated account manager

As a multi-location business that provides a lot of work to commercial HVAC maintenance companies. Your vendor must assign a manager to your account. It’s one point of contact for you that knows both your history and what’s happening with your maintenance at each location. This manager can provide information to regional managers and communicate effectively with all levels of staff.

  1. Electronic work orders

It’s impossible to read through piles upon piles of work orders or remember to call the number to inquire about what happened to a service call at one of your locations. You can save time and paper by choosing a commercial HVAC maintenance firm that uses mobile technology to send you electronic work orders after each job is completed.

  1. Reporting on Quarterly Status

Data is crucial for business managers. When it comes to commercial HVAC maintenance, why should you have to guess?

You should have quarterly meetings with your vendor who manages multiple locations. They will provide reports showing you the performance of your locations from a service perspective, individually and collectively. These reports should include details about the location’s costs as well as the hours of service, and also show trends over time, such as over the past year, quarter, or even multiple years.

  1. Notifying you of problems

Your commercial HVAC maintenance company should be your eyes on the ground regarding maintenance issues at all your locations. If one location is experiencing a spike in in-service hours or one location is using a greater number of contract hours, they should notify you. This allows you to investigate the root cause.

You might discover that 20 percent of your service hours are spent at a location with equipment that is very old and obsolete and that it needs to be replaced. This information will allow you to plan for capital improvements and prevent an emergency situation in the event that your equipment fails. It also helps to reduce your commercial HVAC maintenance costs and lowers your energy bills.

  1. Maintenance agreements that include all-inclusive coverage

Managers of multi-location businesses should consider all-inclusive HVAC maintenance contracts, even though these are more expensive. These agreements eliminate the need to budget for HVAC expenses. They cover all labor, parts, and materials. This eliminates the risk of unexpected expenses that arise from equipment failure.

The contracts reduce paperwork and accounting by not having to pay and track invoices for each service visit and each part. Another benefit is that repairs are completed quicker because there’s no waiting for approvals. Your technician can quickly get the part and get it back in working order.

  1. Innovative cost-saving ideas

Commercial HVAC maintenance is a huge expense that will have to be paid for by many sites. You want a vendor who can think outside of the box and provide cost-saving solutions.

  1. Avoid low-ball vendors

It is almost inevitable that you will get bids for large commercial HVAC maintenance contracts. Inexperienced vendors will offer low-ball bids and don’t understand the cost of servicing multiple locations. One of these things is likely to happen if you take a chance on one of these companies.

  • After calculating how much it costs them to service your account, the vendor will present a more expensive proposal to you next year. If they do, make sure that the price increase is justified. Your vendor should detail the costs and hours of service you have used during the year.
  • The service level will likely drop if the price does not go up. A decrease in quality service will be evident if you cut corners on maintenance and use cheap parts. You won’t receive any of the high-value commercial HVAC maintenance services that we mentioned. Worse, if you don’t pay attention, they might be skimping on maintenance, which could lead to higher repair costs.

Regardless of the cost, ensure you get the commercial HVAC services you need with the help of ac services Frisco.

This resource will help you understand the complexities of commercial HVAC maintenance contracts and choose the right one for your HVAC infrastructure

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