We all know that hospitals are often busy 24 hours a day so floor mats used in these environments must be durable and clean. From outdoor entrance rubber matting to information branded mats, we specialize in supplying all types of mats to hospital and healthcare environments.

With COVID-19, social distancing mats in the form of customized logo mats have played a key role in reminding patients of the social distancing rules in place in hospitals and other healthcare locations.

Floor mats for hospitals 

We have supplied many industrial mats. Multiple entrances to a hospital, as well as patient waiting areas, bedsides, theatres, reception areas, washrooms, and preparation areas, all require the right type of mats.

To reduce bacteria risk, mats in healthcare environments must be sterilized and steam cleaned. It doesn’t matter where matting is found in a hospital. It is important that it is durable and can withstand repeated deep cleanings.

Heavy Duty Outdoor Entrance Mats

Hospitals are constantly crowded with patients, staff, and visitors. The use of entrance mats reduces dirt movement from outside into the hospital environment. Rubber outdoor mats improve drainage around entrances and are also capable of handling ‘wheeled traffic’ such as wheelchairs, pushchairs, and hospital trolleys.

Main Hospital Entrance Mats

Multi-purpose, non-slip, durable, absorbent mats that are both slip-resistant and durable can be used once you have crossed the threshold. Printed logo or informative mats can also be used, to help patients or visitors navigate around the hospital such as to locate the ‘flu queue’ or simply provide a welcoming message from the hospital trust.

Safety can also be improved by commercial entrance mats. Vulnerable people are less likely to slip if water is limited to the area.

“The mats arrived quickly, and they are high-quality items that meet the business’s needs perfectly.”

Matting for operating theatres, nurse stations, and reception areas

Healthcare staff, whether they are in administrative or nursing roles, can spend hours on their feet in the same area. Anti-fatigue mats used in these areas can add more comfort to their day and take away some of the strain that standing in the same spot for long periods of time can cause. Multipurpose anti-fatigue mats can be used on any floor in a hospital, no matter if it is on the ward or an office floor.

Safety mats for use in kitchen spaces

Hospital kitchens make food on an industrial scale. Therefore, mats in kitchens need to be absorbent and machine washable. It is important to consider the type of kitchen floor the mat backing should be used on and whether the material can withstand grease, oil, and other chemicals. Our safety kitchen anti-fatigue mats tick all of these boxes and are available in a huge choice of colors, and help those running around the kitchen ease the weight on their feet.

Water and Vending Machine Mats

You will find water dispensers and drinks machines in many areas of a hospital, such as waiting areas, staff canteens, and clinics. In order to avoid any spillage hazards and problems, water trap mats can be used to reduce the need for cleaners to be summoned and minimize the chance of anybody slipping over. Water trap mats are easy to clean and can be used in high-risk areas of a hospital.

How to choose the right mat for your hospital

We are happy to assist you with any questions about mats or the many environments in a hospital. The mats can be used for hospital entrances and staff areas.

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Wearwell USA

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