Many people believe that locksmiths only work in the automotive sector. It is false. Some locksmiths specialize in both residential security (your homes) and commercial security (your businesses). While it is not uncommon for people to be locked out of their vehicles, there are times when commercial locksmiths may be needed.

This news report states that workplace theft is the most costly crime that small businesses have faced. Many business owners feel the need to employ commercial locksmiths, whether it’s taking cash from the registrar or manipulating company funds at your disposal.

A technician is necessary to keep your internal affairs secure, but locks, safes, and other areas that need changing locks are also noteworthy. Although you may not trust your employees, it is still necessary to provide additional security for your business. Are you interested in learning more about commercial locksmiths and their benefits? Find out all you need to know about commercial locksmiths.

History and Locksmiths

Did you know that locksmithing was a business before it became a booming industry? It all began in Ancient Egypt around four millennia ago. These were made from stone or wood and were large and bulky. They were used to keep valuable goods safe. The idea spread to China, Rome, and Greece.

The metal gained popularity, and so did locksmiths and the creations they made. Royal families invited many to make custom locks with intricate designs, family crests, and other special features. They also improved their aesthetics. These locksmiths discovered a way to make the key more durable than wood.

In the 18th century, industrialization was a reality. Locksmithing followed suit. Locks became more complex as technology advanced.

Modern locksmiths play a greater role than ever before. They are not only skilled in creating custom locks but also have the ability to repair residential, commercial, or automotive key problems.

What Commercial Locksmiths Do?

The first responsibility of a Locksmith for businesses is to find new technology for locks. Technology is constantly changing, and so are the chances of money or goods being stolen. When it comes to security, you and your company should be two steps ahead.

  • They install new locks 

Both new and established businesses need new locks. You will need new keys and locks if your business is just starting. You will also need a locksmith to protect your business security if your company expands. If you have taken over a business from its former owner, it may be necessary to install new locks.

This is done to anticipate any future problems. You don’t know who the previous owner may have given spare keys to. This problem could be caused by a former employee trying to harm your business or by a disgruntled owner.

  • They Rekey

It is not uncommon to lose a key. It could be you or someone under your supervision. The expert locksmith will have to rekey your locks if this happens. They will remove the pins and springs from your lock cylinder and replace them with new, more secure keys. This is done to make sure that nothing is lost behind the door or safe.

Do not take chances. If you have to let go of an employee, call a locksmith.

  • They repair locks and make spare keys

Repairing broken keys and locks is one of the most significant tasks of a locksmith. It demands a skilled professional to perform this task quickly and efficiently. It happens. It could be due to wear and tear on keys or your locks becoming faulty. The wiring may have gone bad in electronic locks. Only a certified professional can fix all situations.

These experts are familiar with the workings of commercial locks. They can assess your situation and determine if your lock requires additional protection or just a spare key. You can trust them because they are trained to handle problems like this every day.

A commercial key master has another responsibility: to keep locks in good condition. It’s crucial to ensure that locks don’t fall apart or become vulnerable to being picked on. Also, make sure to replace pins and springs that have become pliable or rusty.

Situations that Call for a Commercial Locksmith

  • Important Front Door Security Locks are Broken

Locking up your business is the most meaningful thing you can do. You can’t trust your back or front door locks to work properly. Get it fixed the next morning. You may not have anything to call a business on the next day.

Modern office security systems are state-of-the-art. However, if one of these systems fails, your office could be vulnerable. Do not wait for this to happen, call your commercial locksmith right away.

  • You and your employees are locked out

Although it’s not common, it’s not something you should ignore. Locking out your employees or yourself can reduce productivity and result in lost sales and revenue. You will have another problem if you destroy your lock. It’s likely that you will need to call a locksmith. Why not let them handle the lock without destroying it?

  • A Lock in an Important Room Is Broken

Every business has a place where all critical documents are kept. This room can be used as a storage area or a stockroom for materials, tools, and other essential documents. It could also be a storage room or a stock room for needed materials and tools. If these locks are compromised, you may become more responsible. You will feel at ease knowing that your lock is secure after you call a locksmith.

  • If you have a spare key

You may need to leave the job and take a vacation. It is not a good idea to give the original key away. However, a spare key is always recommended when a locksmith visits your home.

  • You just experienced a lock picking

There is no way to get around the fact that your lock has been picked. To replace your lock, you will need to contact a professional locksmith. The locksmith will usually give you additional tips about how to increase your security.

How They Can Help Your Business

Hackers will abandon your company if they discover your security is complex and top-notch. You can ensure that your company is secure and leak-free with a commercial locksmith.

  • Master Key

A commercial locksmith can create a key for your business that will open all doors. This key will be useful in an emergency or when you need to access a locked area at any time. You, as the owner of the business, will be able to control the entire establishment using a single key.

  • Safety for your business

This is the benefit that may be most appealing. Commercial locksmiths may be able to install closed-circuit television systems or CCTV. This handy feature allows you to record who enters and leaves your business. It will also help you catch thieves quickly. It can even show your employees what they are doing when you aren’t there.

Many studies have been done to determine the effectiveness of CCTVs installed in businesses and on public streets. It provides safety for both the business owners as well as the general public.

  • The Latest Technology

A commercial locksmith company will provide you with the most up-to-date security technology. Don’t be stuck in the past. Have a professional come to your home and give you a thorough inspection. A professional will not only evaluate your locks and security but also recommend and install a better one.

Tips for Finding a Good Locksmith

  • Always verify the name and phone number of the company that you have hired. Scam companies often come in plain-white vans with no logo, which is a red flag for clients. Don’t accept their services if they don’t appear credible.
  • Which are they? Are they residential, commercial, or automotive? You should know the differences between locksmiths since you are hiring one. You should ensure that their experience is commercial and that they are a local business.
  • Are they willing to work on your property or are they more interested in large buildings? It is significant to know this because they may charge you more if you are a small business. They are more familiar with small businesses and can help you solve your lock problems without making you bankrupt.
  • Keep a running list of all known issues in your business. You won’t benefit from having them come back to you repeatedly. You will waste your time and money by paying fees to companies for every hour or day.
  • Look for a company that offers 24/7 service. People sometimes get locked out at night. Will the commercial locksmith arrive in five minutes? It is not a good idea to have a business that doesn’t respond immediately when you need it, especially in this industry.
  • Visit their website online. Check out the reviews that other customers have written about them. It’s not the worst thing to get locked in. A scam company will make you wait for hours and eventually just take your lockout. Customers will not hesitate to leave glowing reviews and feedback.

A commercial locksmith is a smart decision. It is significant to know what they do and what you can call them for when looking for a commercial locksmith. Some people are not eager to have their doors smashed or a spare door made by strangers.


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