Because the delivery stage is crucial, it is when a shipment is most vulnerable to damage. This could be due to either external factors in transit or human error during installation.

Your customer will expect their order to arrive in good shape because they have already paid.

You must use the right service to ensure your success. Keep your customers happy and continue to attract more. These are the most commonly used services. White glove shipping service and inside delivery.

How do you decide which one to choose?

This article will provide information on both and give examples of situations where one is better than the other.

What is a white-glove service?

White glove services are one of the many services that can be provided for special shipping needs. These shipments can be very heavy or fragile and must be handled with the utmost care to avoid damage. White gloves are the name given to staff at luxury hotels, restaurants, and luxury retailers.

Carriers who are equipped to safely handle and place certain items can offer white glove services. They may also offer the following services:

  • Pre- and post-site inspections. To determine the exact configuration of the shipment during installation, as well as to ensure safety and reliability, inspections are done before and after.
  • Protective packaging It is packed with the right materials, depending on the nature of the shipment.
  • Proper and clean transportation. Containers must be cleaned and inspected to reduce contamination and damage from outside sources. To protect cargo, special containers are used for specific shipments.
  • Product assembly and dismantling. If the product needs to be replaced, they can move or dismantle it.

What are the benefits of this?

Better customer satisfaction

Proper packaging minimizes the chance of a customer losing their order during transit. Your customer doesn’t need to do any of the installation themselves once it arrives at their destination. They can have it done by trained personnel. Your customer will be more satisfied with your service, and they are likely to purchase from you again.

Lower product returns

Some customers are not able to disassemble an older unit and put in a replacement. This makes it more likely that they will break the item before they even use it. They want the item back, even if they aren’t at fault.

Live updates

Tracking is often included with white glove services. This allows you and your customer to know when the shipment arrives. It is also easier to worry about lost, delayed, or missing packages. These are all losses that can impact your bottom line.

How to select the right white-glove service provider

You should take the time to research different service providers to find the one that best suits your company. Consider the types of white-glove services they offer, as well as reviews from previous customers.

Let’s look at what questions to ask and how long it takes for the service provider to respond.

Questions to ask

  • Is it possible to schedule delivery at a particular time?
  • Is my customer required to accept the delivery?
  • What can my customer and we do to track the shipment?
  • Are you able to deliver on weekends and evenings? Are there additional charges?
  • Are you able to include product assembly?
  • Is there an additional charge for cleaning up after installation?

Find out if these questions meet your expectations. Then, you can choose a service provider that will deliver the answers.

Time to complete

White glove shipping can still be faster than expedited shipping, but other factors could affect the delivery speed, such as distance, customs clearance, and international borders. It is important to remember that the longer an item is in transit, it is more likely to be damaged.

It is also important to consider how many services will be required to properly install the item at its destination. A more complicated item will require more work and may need to be inspected and prepared before it can be installed.

What products require White Glove Services

White glove shipping is required for certain products. These products are almost guaranteed to break if they are not properly handled. Let’s take a look at these items to help you decide if white glove shipping is necessary for your business.

  • Appliances and electronics

Nowadays, people can buy their electronics online. This includes laptops, smartphones, and tablets as well as cameras, tablets, and parts for desktop computers. Online buyers can also purchase appliances such as washing machines, ovens, refrigerators, and ovens.

Many of these appliances have electronic parts that are susceptible to damage from strong impacts. Home appliances such as ranges and dishwashers can be heavy, so more than one person would need to install them.

  • Furniture

Online purchases of tables, shelves, and couches are possible. These usually come unassembled. These are often heavy and bulky and require more than one person to install safely.

  • Equipment for medical and laboratory use

This equipment often contains electronic parts and can be very costly due to its complexity and sensitive nature. Particularly during installation, items such as X-ray machines, ultrasound machines, and CT scanners, or medical-grade glassware, require careful handling.

  • Luxurious goods

Luxury goods buyers expect exceptional service, even after the item has been delivered. They expect that the item will be delivered in perfect condition and on time, no matter how small.

What’s Inside Delivery?

Inside delivery is an accessory service that delivers the shipment directly to the customer’s door. It can be residential or commercial.

Delivery to a residence within the hour

For inside delivery to residences, the carrier usually drops the freight at the homeowner’s porch, driveway, or garage only.

The freight cannot be moved inside by the driver. This is done to avoid any complaints such as mud stains or damaged walls. If an accident occurs indoors, there are liability issues. These details are important in order to avoid delays or redeliveries.

Delivery to a business from inside

The carrier will usually leave the cargo at least a few feet beyond the entrance of businesses for inside delivery. The delivery fee will rise if the freight must be moved to higher floors or inside.

The driver cannot bring the freight inside if it is larger or wider than the doorway. He will also not separate the freight into smaller pieces. If the freight is dangerous for their equipment, he can’t bring it inside. Going up and down steep staircases or through narrow corridors. These situations should be considered in order to reduce any last-minute charges from your carrier.

What are the benefits?

  • Better customer retention

This is the greatest benefit of delivery services because customers expect online shops to take care of their orders until they arrive. Even though it is a minor benefit to online purchases, customers notice the quality of customer service. This can make a difference in whether they buy again from you.

You can also supply other businesses with the same service if your business supplies them. Because large shipments can take a lot of time and energy, this small service is worth it.

Which should we choose: White Glove Service or Inside Delivery?

You may now be familiar with Inside Delivery and White Glove Delivery Services. However, you might find that one of these services is better than the other. These scenarios are:

  • White glove service is best if you are selling high-value, fragile or heavy items like furniture, luxury goods, or medical equipment.
  • White glove service is best for customers who prefer to have the item professionally installed.
  • Inside delivery is best if you are supplying businesses and frequently send large quantities.
  • You should only sell goods that are sensitive to elements, such as rain or sunlight. You can opt for the inside delivery if you’re selling goods that are sensitive to the elements (e.g., rain or sunlight), but don’t need installation.
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