You can feel many emotions when you move to a new place. You may be excited about a new start, or you might feel stressed about the move. Anxiety can occur in the midst of both the practicalities and the emotional costs.

Although stress can be a natural outcome of so many things happening, it doesn’t mean that you have to ignore it. We can help you if you feel anxious. Here are the ways to ease your anxiety about moving so that you can make a smooth transition.

Focus on Your Outlook

The best way to reduce anxiety about moving is to be positive. Stress can make it easier to see the bad or worrying aspects of any situation. This can lead to anxiety and pessimism.

How can you stop the cycle from continuing? Keep your eyes on the positives. Instead of dwelling on the ending chapter, think about all that is ahead. You will meet new people, learn new things, and find a new cafe to call home. Although it may feel uncomfortable, the transition period is temporary. In no time you will be settled in your new home. Remember that your current location was once brand new!

Do some research

Anxiety is often accompanied by a series of “what ifs” as well as a list of unknowns. Your positive outlook will hopefully make some of these unknowns an exciting part of your move. A little research can help you find the practical details.

Do some research on your new neighborhood. What is the closest park? Where is the best grocery store? Is there a fun restaurant nearby? You might enjoy joining pub trivia. How about the commute to work? These practical details can help you to feel more excited about your new home.

Make a head start

Stress is not caused by rushing to complete tasks. Starting early is the best thing for you and your anxious feelings. You can move more items the closer you are to the day. It is best to get started early in finding your new home, hiring movers, packing slowly, steadily, and wrapping up utilities, and updating your address.

Bonus tip: Start packing with the least used items first. This will allow you to pack weeks ahead of your move. You can pack off-season clothes and books that you haven’t read yet, as well as lesser-used appliances and other items that you don’t use on a daily basis.

Make lists

Making lists can help you calm down the chaos. It will allow you to see everything clearly. Having too many to-dos can cause clutter and anxiety in your head. Trust us, even if you aren’t a big fan of lists, they can be a useful tool during times like these.

You can make lists and assign due dates for tasks. You should include things like hiring movers, packing materials, and forwarding mail. Make sure to include the items you are certain will not forget. You will forget some things, so make sure you write them down. You’ll feel satisfied that you have them all written down, even if they aren’t necessary to be reminded.


The more stuff you have to move, the more stressful it is. You don’t just have to pack and move, you also need to unpack. It is an excellent way to save time and money as well as anxiety.

You’ve already started earlier (you did our advice). You can declutter while you pack and sort. You can go room-by-room and sort your stuff into Keep, Donate (Sell), Trash, and Sell piles. You will find things that have been lost. Bring them to the right rooms. This will calm down your anxiety about moving when it comes time to unpack.

Do not be shy

This project can cause stress if you try to do it all yourself. You don’t have it all to yourself. It is okay to ask your family and friends for help. You can ask them to help with heavy lifting, packing, and even sharing food while you complete tedious tasks. You can also reminisce over old memories and be excited about making new ones.

Find the fun

You don’t need to do all the work and follow all the checklists when moving. It’s possible to have fun along the way.

You can create a positive soundtrack to help you pack and keep your mind active. You can keep track of your steps by wearing a fitness watch. You can set up a reward system to recognize your achievements. How does a cookie per 10 boxes sound? Do not let your seriousness get in the way of having some anxious feelings. You can have some fun, move around, and laugh.

Take some time to say goodbye

You can take a moment to say goodbye to people along the way. This applies to not only the people you have grown close to, but also to the house you have lived in and the community where you’ve made your memories. This may seem silly but it will help you calm down your anxiety about moving. As you move on to the next chapter in your life, be grateful, take a few trips down memory lane and say your loving goodbyes.

There are many activities to look forward to

This is another opportunity to create a list. You can now cross off the practical stuff. You can make a list of the things you want to do in your new area. There are many things to do in your new neighborhood. You’ll feel more relaxed if you have some things in the future that you are excited about.

Ask for help from experts

Moving and packing are not the most exciting activities, no matter how well-organized you may be. These are not the most enjoyable parts of moving to a new location. Hiring professionals like long-distance movers to help you with some of your moving tasks can cut down on stress.

Moving companies will handle the heavy lifting, transport your boxes safely and unload them in your new home. This is not all that you can get assistance with.

Full-service moving companies can help ease your anxiety about moving. They’ll bring all the necessary moving supplies and load everything into the truck for transport. Then they’ll unpack everything from the other side. You can even have them take out all the clutter and boxes. This is a long list of items that you can check off, and you didn’t even have to lift one finger!

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