We often think of stone countertops in residential environments. And while they are a sound style alternative for homes, they’re certainly not limited to that application. They could create practical and fashionable workspaces in other environments, too. If you are wondering about using them in a commercial kitchen, you certainly want to consider commercial kitchen design guidelines.

Finding commercial kitchen design guidelines

There are lots of sources that can help you learn how to design your commercial kitchen. We’ll start with the U.S. Food & Drug Administration’s (FDA) Food Code. We’re not saying the Food Code is your one-stop to figure out how to design your kitchen. Instead, in its own words, it’s a “model” and “best advice.” But states and agencies can adopt it, so it gets us off to a start.

The code defines “equipment” as “an article that’s employed at the performance of a food establishment” and contains “table” in its set of cases. Now, let us take a peek at exactly what the Food Code has to say about what equipment could be made of.

Three things you want your commercial kitchen to be

Now, the Food Code helps us establish a couple of important considerations. Whatever countertop you choose, chances are you’ll want it to be:

  • Washable
  • Durable
  • Legal

Wait, legal? Yes, legal. We did not present the Food Code as your definite legal obligation. But you do have definite legal obligations if you are working for a food service company. And it’s your job to figure out what they’re.

Whether they come from the state level or a local governing body, you have to think about them early. Start during your design stage. You could start by reaching out to your local government about applicable commercial kitchen design guidelines. They should be able to point you toward helpful info and people.

A cleanable surface

Even a simple term like “easily cleanable” is infused with meaning by the Food Code. The good thing is that the majority of stone countertops could be washed using normal cleaning methods — but be sure to check with your stone expert for verification.

Probably, you’ll have specific instructions for cleaning surfaces that come into contact with food. Once you are aware of what they are (or at least have a fantastic idea), you want to have that knowledge to help inform your countertop choice. You can also buy the best quality countertop from a reputed and trusted seller of commercial kitchen equipment like restaurant supply fort worth.

A durable surface

If your work surface will be exposed to constant use, then naturally you need it to be durable. However, the type of work you are doing may affect exactly how durable you require it to be. For instance, constant chopping is a different kind of impact than measuring and tamping espresso. Thus, discover what your requirements are as they relate to the job you will be doing on a surface.

Their definition includes “a food-contact surface with a surface free of pits and inclusions with a cleanability equal to or exceeding that of (100 grit) number 3 stainless steel” Which could provide some helpful parameters as you try to determine just how smooth is smooth.

What part of your commercial kitchen

It is worth noting that the term kitchen could indicate a whole lot of things, based on how you’re using it. So, let us say you decide to not utilize a certain soft all-natural stone because it wouldn’t be prime food preparation space. Still, it doesn’t mean it’s completely off the table everywhere. For aesthetic reasons, you may decide it would be perfect for a bar top near the food prep area. (In, for example, a restaurant in which the pub overlooks a part of their kitchen).

Request the specialists

Earlier we said that the Food Code was one source of guidance. Other resources could include local officials, a seasoned commercial contractor, or your stone expert. Like people, they might have installed rock in other commercial places. Hence, they might already have a well-developed sense of what is allowed locally. Plus, they may know more than what’s simply allowed, but also what is a good idea.

Selecting natural stone for your commercial space

Assuming you’ve listened carefully to local authorities and your rock specialist, you’ll still have decisions to make. If you’ve discovered that rock is a feasible solution for several areas of your restaurant, cafe, etc. then you are going to have to choose the stone. You’ll want it to combine with the rest of your layout, at least when it is at a visible location.

Where to buy commercial kitchen countertop

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