You’re likely to have spent more time indoors this year than you did in previous years. Our homes are quickly becoming our offices, schools, and playgrounds due to a global pandemic that has sent workers home or natural disasters that have polluted our air. There’s no better time than now to make sure that your loved ones are breathing clean, allergen-free air.

What can you do to improve the air quality in your home?

Poor air filtration can have negative effects on your health and wallet. There are many small, but effective steps that you can take today to improve the air quality in your home. Keep watching to stay healthy.

Replace Your Air Filter

You may have allergies if your air filters are dirty. Both your furnace and AC units have filters that filter dust and other particles throughout the year. Experts recommend changing filters every 30 to 60 days.

Use Cooking Vents

Your kitchen is where you’ll find the most harmful indoor pollutants. Gas stoves can emit formaldehyde or carbon monoxide, while wood stoves produce air pollution from wood smoke. Even an electric stove can cause air pollution by cooking oil or fat at high temperatures.

Use some form of ventilation when cooking, such as a range hood or exhaust fan. Make sure that it vents to the outside. Experts recommend opening windows near exhaust fans. Experts recommend that you use the back burners as often as possible. Range Hoods allow for better ventilation of the back.

Use an Air Purifier

Allergens can be removed from any room by air purifiers. Smaller, but powerful air purifiers can remove as much as 99% of all airborne bacteria. Keep in mind to change your filters as often as your furnace or air conditioner unit.

Clean Your Carpet

Carpets and rugs are prone to trap dust particles. You may believe your carpet’s natural color is dark if it isn’t cleaned often enough. Experts recommend that carpets be cleaned at least once a week. To remove dirt, dust, and pet hair, wash your linens with hot water.

Call the Air Duct professionals

Although you may be a meticulous cleaner, window-opener, and filter-replacer, it is possible to become a master at cleaning. To ensure that your home is free of air pollutants, professionals should clean your air ducts frequently. Research shows that dirt and dust can circulate throughout your home five to seven times per hour. Air contaminants can be reduced throughout your home by having your air ducts cleaned professionally.

What are the other benefits of having your air ducts? 

Professionally cleaned

Professional cleaning can help reduce allergens and improve the efficiency of your HVAC system. This will also lower your electric bill. Your HVAC unit will work harder to heat or cool if it is clogged with dirt. Your HVAC system’s lifespan will decrease as a result. A professional inspection can save your allergies and your pocketbook.

Fire hazards can also be prevented by professional inspections. Sometimes, clogged filters can impede airflow and cause damage to your HVAC system. Over-clogging and overwork can cause the system to heat up and spark a fire.

Even if your home is not directly affected by the wildfires in the United States or work-from-home orders made, it’s important to maintain health indoor air quality. It is essential to have your air ducts cleaned so that you can maintain breathable air quality and health for your family members.

Have more questions about improving the air quality in your home? Get in touch!

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