We provide safe, secure, and efficient transportation of Fine Art and Antiques. It is important to do your best to prepare your artwork before you hand it over to couriers for door-to-door service.

No matter what you do, make sure to take good care of your valuables when moving to a new place. These items are important and should not be forgotten. It can be difficult to move antiques, mirrors, and other fragile items. Mirrors, fine art, unframed art, canvas art, and family heirlooms are just a few of the specialty items that require extra care when moving.

These valuable items may require professional packing and transport services. You will need to take extra precautions if you decide to pack and move all or part of your belongings. We have provided you with tips, materials, and instructions for packing and moving valuables such as art and antiques.

Framed prints, art, and mirrors

No matter what you do, never try to move art or mirrors without packing materials. They will help prevent the items from breaking or scratching.

  • Find large, sturdy picture boxes that can hold your artwork, frames, and mirrors. These boxes can be used if you have the original boxes in which the items arrived. Telescope boxes can also be purchased, which can be used to store mirrors, art, and other rectangular flat-lying objects. The boxes are usually sold in a pair and then joined to make one long box. Large pieces of art should be easier to fit in these boxes. If your artwork is very large, you might consider a larger crate.
  • Glassine is a better choice than a plastic wrap for wrapping art and mirrors. Glassine, a smooth paper, is known for its resistance to water and grease. This will protect any fine art, print, or glass from being damaged by water and grease. Glassine is easy to find and can usually be bought by the roll.
  • Once you have secured the Glassine with tape it is time to get out the bubble wrap. Wrap your artwork and mirrors in bubble wrap several times and seal with packing tape. To provide sufficient cushioning, we recommend wrapping bubble wrap around the item at minimum twice.
  • Mirrors and frames are especially vulnerable to scratches and nicks when being moved. It is important to protect these corners with corner protectors such as styrofoam or cardboard protectors.
  • Wrapping a blanket around the item can provide extra protection if you feel it needs it.
  • Canvas Press suggests that artwork be stored upright when moving. The printing company suggests that multiple pieces be organized face-to-face or back to back. The hanging hardware used on the backs of the artwork will not damage another piece’s front. This arrangement is not necessary if the artwork is packed in a sturdy container.
  • Last but not least, make sure that the artwork is strategically placed in a place where it will not be damaged or squashed by heavy furniture or large boxes.


Antiques can be valuable and irreplaceable, from beautifully crafted porcelain plates to inherited mahogany furnishings. They can also be very valuable and have sentimental value. It is important to take care when moving these items. Although we recommend hiring professionals for this job, we understand that it may not be possible for all. These instructions will help you accomplish the task.

  • First, take note of everything in your inventory. This is just in case it gets damaged during the move. Make sure to take photos and make notes so that you have a complete record. You should also check to make sure that antiques are included in your homeowner’s insurance. It may be worth looking into antique and collectibles insurance.
  • Next, gather all your supplies. Most likely, you will need several rolls of bubble wrap, packing tape, and moving blankets.
  • Call multiple family members and friends to help you move heavy antique furniture. Do not attempt to lift heavy items by yourself. You run the risk of scratching, denting, and damaging antiques which can, in turn, reduce their value.
  • If you have large furniture that you can safely disassemble, it is worth doing it first.
  • After you have all your parts ready to go, wrap the antique with as much bubble wrap and secure it with tape.
  • Apply another layer of protection to your furniture or household items with moving blankets, and then secure it with tape.
  • Wrapping valuables with bubble wrap or moving blankets is a good idea. We recommend putting them in a wooden container. These custom-made moving crates can be found almost everywhere. If you are unable to locate a wooden crate, we recommend using a sturdy outer layer such as a large cardboard container. This outer layer will protect your antique greatly during transport. Boxes and crates will help to reduce the impact of bumpy roads and keep belongings from being thrown around in the truck.
  • Ensure you have extra hands to help load and unload the antique. It is not a good idea to drop the antique or break it while lifting it into the truck.

Hiring professional movers

Professionals are the best way to move valuable art, mirrors, and antiques. There are many moving and shipping companies that specialize in handling and packing these items. We are a reliable, trustworthy, and detailed white-glove moving services provider. We also offer a secure art vault for storing your art. This will help you find the best mover for the job. Our network includes licensed and insured relocation companies. This ensures that your move will be in safe hands.

Delivery Limited

Delivery Limited

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