People who have their ducts cleaned often end up with a full face of dust in comedy scenes. If you are thinking about cleaning your ducts yourself or hiring an air duct cleaning company, you might wonder, “does air duct cleaning make a mess?”

It is crucial to hire an experienced cleaning company to do your job. They can help reduce dust and debris that is accumulated during cleaning and take steps to protect your family, walls, furniture, and pets.

Different types of ducts

Two types of ducts are used in HVAC systems: rigid ducts or flexible ducts. While most HVAC systems will have rigid ductwork, flexible ductwork allows for the connection of parts that rigid ductwork cannot reach.

Flexible Ducts

Flexible ductwork is made of a plastic material that is more susceptible to being broken during duct cleaning. Older ductwork can be particularly vulnerable as the plastic material can become less durable over time.

Rigid Ducts

Rigid ducts are made of sheet metal and are resistant to damage during duct cleaning. Metal ductwork can be damaged by corrosion and seasonal temperature changes over time, just like flexible ductwork.

To avoid damage to your ductwork, a professional HVAC contractor should be hired. We inspect your HVAC system carefully before beginning work. This will prevent any damage to your HVAC system.

What do we need to clean the air ducts in the HVAC system?

A Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC), a system includes both furnace and cooling components. This furnishes central climate control. These systems utilize a network of conduits to transport heated or cooled air from your home or workplace. Over time, dust from furnaces and air conditioners can build up in the ducts. This can clog the air filters.

You might notice these signs if your HVAC system stops working properly:

  • A reduction in air quality
  • Heating and cooling efficiency reduced
  • Higher energy bills
  • Heating and air conditioning repairs are more frequent

Call a certified HVAC contractor if you have any of these issues or it’s been three years since your last duct cleaning. They will clean your ducts and improve the efficiency of your HVAC system.

Duct Cleaning Benefits

Regular duct cleaning offers many benefits, including:

  • Indoor air quality improvement
  • Your HVAC system’s life expectancy can be extended
  • Prevention of the spread and growth of mold and other dangers
  • Reduce the fire risk

Even though these are clear benefits, duct cleaning can prove messy if you’re not prepared. We try to reduce the amount of dust in the air we clean. The process can still release dust from time to time, especially if the cleaning has been long or there are any clogs in your filters. To ensure that you and your family get the best results, our technicians will take precautionary measures. Preventive measures can be taken throughout the year to reduce dust buildup during cleanings.

What happens when we clean ducts?

Perhaps a better answer is, “Does air duct cleaning create a mess?”. We don’t recommend that you attempt to clean your ductwork by yourself unless you have extensive experience with cleaning them. You could make mistakes and release more dust than a professional cleaner.

Professional duct cleaning is not like the scenes in the movies. It does not involve vacuuming dirt and dust out of your ducts and into your rooms. Professional HVAC contractors will instead use negative pressure to remove dust and debris from your ducts.

The branch ducts are cleaned first, then the mainline. This reduces the chance of dust making its way out of the system. This will ensure that the air in your home will be safe and clean by the time you return.

Prepare for Duct Cleaning

Although professionals make every effort to minimize dust buildup, it can still cause damage to equipment and get trapped in fabrics. Protect your family and home before the cleaners arrive. Make sure you’re familiar with all the details so they don’t arrive late. The process will be delayed if you wait for the technicians to arrive.

It is a good idea to move TVs, computers, and furniture out of rooms with HVAC vents. To prevent dust from building up on an object like a wall-mounted TV or sofa, you can cover it with plastic if it is impossible to move it.

Do not allow pets to be in the same area as your ducts are being cleaned.

Professional cleaning services

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Organic Home Service

Organic Home Service

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